2015 Conference Highlights

AIIP 29th Annual Conference, Hotel Irvine, Irvine, California, USA
April 16-19, 2015


Conference Program

Guest Speakers

Libby Trudell - Roger Summit Award Lecture. Knowledge-Enabled Products: A World Transformed by Metadata
Roger Summit - A "Dialog" with Libby Trudell and Roger Summit
Sam Bennett - Get It Done: from Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day
Peter Derycz - Productizing Your Service:  Lessons from a Life of Infopreneurship

Member Speakers

Linda Stacy and Ellen Naylor - How to Optimize Your Productivity and Expand Your Energy to Lead Your Business to New Heights
Deb Hunt and Mary Ellen Bates - Author! Author! How to Get Fame, Fortune, and Clients through Self-Publishing
Jennifer Burke - Build Your Own Referral Engine
Carey Lening, Marcy Phelps, and Jocelyn Sheppard - Subcontracting Success: How to Grow Your Business through Collaboration

Conference Workshops

Jocelyn Sheppard - Accelerate Your Success as an Independent Information Professional
Shelly Azar - Measure & Manage Your Productivity & Efficiency
Ulla de Stricker and Cindy Shamel - Landing a Project... Then Nailing It: How to Win Assignments and Deliver Results Every Time
Cathy Chiba - Engage! Delivering Standout Presentations to Online Audiences (and Possibly Beyond)

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Mary Ellen helps fellow infopreneurs make a living doing what they love. She offers one-on-one strategic coaching, webinars and online courses to help independent info pros thrive. Download free resources at Reluctant-Entrepreneur.com/resources


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CeRCo means seek. Seeking information is what we’re all about. We help business leaders – and the consultants who advise them – get access to the right information in order to make critical decisions for their organizations.


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