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Cathy Chiba
"Overcoming Stage Fright: Lessons from Centre Stage," AIIP Connections 29(4), Dec 2015
Jan Knight

"Strategic Alliances to Help Build Your Business," AIIP Connections 28(4), December 2014.

Phyllis Smith

"MOOC-ying Around with Continuing Education and Professional Development," AIIP Connections 27(3), September 2013.

Danielle Conklin

"Don’t Delay, Hire a Business Coach Today," AIIP Connections 26(3), September 2012.

Ellen Naylor

"How Intuition Can Guide Your Research and Research Business," AIIP Connections 25(1), March 2011.

Jan Davis

"Elance: Friend or Foe?" AIIP Connections 24(1), March 2010.

Marjorie Desgrosselliers

"Go SEO Yourself: Five Ways You Can Get Some Search Engine Love," AIIP Connections 23(3), July/September 2009.

Heather Carine

"Opportunities in a Changing World," AIIP Connections 22(6), November/December 2008.

Irit Avidor

"Visual Search Is Worth a Thousand Words," AIIP Connections 21(5), September 2007.

Jan Davis

"Walking Through the Fire: A Business Slump Chronology,"AIIP Connections 20(1), Spring 2006.

Julie Mallon

"Combat Tactics for the Business Doldrums," AIIP Connections 19(4), Winter 2005.

Karen Lougheed

"Feast and Famine," AIIP Connections 18(3), Fall 2004.

Mugure Mugo

"Outsourcing to Developing Economies Set to Grow," AIIP Connections 17(1), Spring 2003.

Amelia Kassel

"Market Share and Value Add," AIIP Connections 16(1), Spring 2002.


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