Marilyn M. Levine AIIP President's Award

The Marilyn Levine AIIP President's Award is given in recognition of any person or institution which has demonstrated extraordinary support of the objectives of the Association of Independent Information Professionals. Prior to 2011, this award was titled the AIIP President's Award. Selection: The award is selected by the AIIP president.


John Bryans
John has been a tremendous  AIIP supporter with his happy face at AIIP annual conferences for over 20 years.

2015   Marydee Ojala

In recognition of her long-time mentorship and advocacy on behalf of AIIP members and the Association.

2014   Mary Ellen Bates

For her unparalleled leadership, innovation and support on behalf of the Association.

2013   Marge King

For her outstanding contributions to the AIIP Industry Partners & Affiliates Program.

2012   Mary-Doug Wright and Jane Langeman

For their improvements to the AIIP members' discussion forum.

2011   Linda Rink

For her consistent and sustained excellence in negotiating member benefits under the AIIP Vendor Partner Program.

2010   Amelia Kassel

For her extraordinary service to the Association, and her encouragement and mentoring of members and prospective members.

2009   Constance Clem

For her extraordinary efforts in establishing the new AIIP web site.

2008   Jocelyn Sheppard

For her excellence and dedication in chairing the 2005 and 2008 AIIP conferences as well as developing a set of procedures and guidelines for future conferences.

2007   Eiko Shaul

For her generous support of her peers in sharing research, mentoring new members, and for serving as Advertising Director for AIIP Connections.

2006   William Hahn

For his extraordinary support of the AIIP web site.

2005   Jane John

For her extraordinary work on the Industry Relations Committee.

2004   The Dialog Corp.

For its generous and extraordinary support of the objectives of the Association.

2003   Peggy Carr

For her excellence in leadership and dedication to the Association.

2002   Jan Goudreau

For her indefatigable service behind the scenes.

2001   George Pilat

For his extraordinary support and service to AIIP's electronic forum.

2000   Anne Caputo

For her support of and contribution to AIIP as both a vendor representative and volunteer.

1998   Helen P. Burwell

For her distinguished career dedicated to advancing AIIP and the information profession.

1996   LexisNexis

For its continuing significant support to information brokers.

1995   Susanne Bjorner

For her landmark contribution to AIIP's governance structure and her inspiring vision for the Association's future.

1993   Linda Cooper and Barbara Quint

For their development of and contribution to the AIIP Vendor Partner Program.

1992   Marilyn M. Levine

For her dedication to and her founding of the Association.


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