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You’re in school.

You know you’re good at discovering, organizing, and sharing information.

What’s your best option for using your skills and knowledge—that doesn’t involve a 9-to-5 routine?

Join AIIP to discover your path to a successful independent info-centric career.

An affordable student membership rate gives you access to the AIIP conference, special discounts (including a tuition discount at a leading online university), and additional ways to determine whether going independent is the right choice for you.

Once you graduate and become a Full member, the AIIP Mentor program is a great way for you to create a strategy to build and run your business.

Learn more about the full range of AIIP benefits.


Joining AIIP as a student was a great way to see if the organization was a good fit for my ultimate career goals. The reduced rate is a wonderful benefit for cash-strapped students. Besides that, I made instant friends and colleagues with my fellow first-timers at my first AIIP conference. Everyone in the organization is keen to share their knowledge -- it's an amazing resource for asking questions, getting feedback on ideas and finding mentors for the future.

– Missy Corley, Owner, Bayside Research Services

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American Economic Association

The AEA publishes seven prestigious economics journals including the American Economic Review. Libraries also subscribe to EconLit, a comprehensive database of essential economics sources including 1.3 million records and full-text linking options. Coverage includes articles, working papers, dissertations, books and reviews, and collective volume articles. More information:


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Mary Ellen Bates

Mary Ellen helps fellow infopreneurs make a living doing what they love. She offers one-on-one strategic coaching, webinars and online courses to help independent info pros thrive. Download free resources at


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June Boyle

CeRCo means seek. Seeking information is what we’re all about. We help business leaders – and the consultants who advise them – get access to the right information in order to make critical decisions for their organizations.


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Scott Attenborough

How content is published makes a difference. The right combination of technology, innovation and discipline will make all the difference. Your content is your capital - build it right - make it count. Visit Content Capital.


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Michelle Rawl

Rawl Research, Inc. provides media research and analysis to companies interested in seeing how they stack up against their competitors. Public relations firms, medical organizations and government agencies use the targeted results to find new business and define their products or services. More information:


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We would like to thank ProQuest for your Amethyst Sponsorship and ongoing support of AIIP!


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Jane Langeman

Langeman Consulting helps academics, non-profits and associations leverage technology and data to make smarter decisions.

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