Jan Knight, Bancroft Information Services, LLC

Recognized March 2012

The Board of the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) recognizes Jan Knight for her volunteer work on behalf of the Association.

Industry Relations Committee

Jan Knight’s monthly vendor highlight is a great service to the President, to our members, and to our vendors, in increasing awareness of the many benefits AIIP offers through our vendor relationships. Jan can be counted upon to deliver what she commits to - and well! - Linda Rink

Jan says:

It’s been a pleasure to relieve Linda Rink of some of her committee responsibilities and I hope to continue doing so in the future. The vendor discounts and relationships we have with so many of these great companies are a huge benefit to all AIIP members and they make us all more successful as IP’s, and I like dealing with them.

In the past 11 years of being an AIIP member, I have worked on numerous committees ranging from the “old” PDF Member Directory, Awards Committees, Website Usability, Mentoring, and others I can’t even recall! Volunteering for AIIP not only allows me to “give” to the association but enables me to learn more about the benefits of membership as well as puts me in a great position to get to know new people, learn to work with them and become friends.

Jan is an independent market research consultant and President of Bancroft Information Services (http://www.bancroftinfo.com). She provides customized business intelligence and secondary market research to companies needing to make informed decisions. Her work helps to shape business plans, marketing strategies, and new business development for a diverse set of clients including start-ups, technology companies, marketing strategists, and small and medium sized businesses in all industries.

Jan collaborates with other consulting firms to offer assistance in developing SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) government grants as well as with a separate group of consultants who write Investor Grade Business Plans for technology companies. Her work in these relationships focuses primarily on commercialization strategies and market and competitive analyses.

She is a partner and/or mentor and a frequent participant or presenter at business incubators and entrepreneurial events within the state of Arizona and most recently has become a product reviewer for FreePint and a VIP Live Wire contributing editor. 

Jan holds an M.A. in Information Resources & Library Science from the University of Arizona, and a B.A. in Renaissance/Humanities Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. Originally from England, Jan has worked in both the advertising/marketing and publishing industries before starting her own business in 2001.

page updated 03 April 2012

Volunteer and Leadership Development Committee

March 2012 Honorees

Cindy Shamel

Ulla de Stricker

Jan Knight

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