Deadline for proposals is October 17, 2017

2018 AIIP Conference in Minneapolis: Thriving in the New Normal

Today’s complex and fast-changing world drives culture, politics, and business to new normals – and abnormals too! Our clients are recalibrating to keep up with new business models, leadership styles, and identities. Our businesses are uniquely qualified to help our clients thrive as they do so - we must all know how to target, approach, and win opportunities within this New Normal.

Research by the Agile Talent Collaborative via Harvard Business Review found that organizations are using independent resources for other reasons too: They are looking for “difficult-to-find technical or functional expertise, speed, flexibility, and innovation” to help them succeed.

The AIIP Conference Committee invites proposals from AIIP members and others for presentations at the 32nd Annual Conference held April 18-23, 2018 at the Millennium Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

The AIIP Annual Conference is the premier event for entrepreneurial and info-centric independent professionals. The 2018 conference focuses on immediately actionable knowledge. Your proposal should offer dynamic, practical, and innovative content.

We want to provide practical business building strategies with concrete approaches to achieving them.

These are some example AIIP member interest areas to consider when crafting your proposal:

Pipeline Strategies

  • Identifying your ideal client
  • Creating a splash - website, blog, podcast – with modest resources
  • Building alliances - networking, partnerships

Sales Strategies

  • Closing Sales
  • Building a compelling proposal
  • Trading on value rather than swapping hours for cash

Business Strategies

  • Learning concrete project management skills
  • Mastering information product development essentials
  • Getting over the employee mindset

But feel free to bring a new topic forward. If you would like to share your knowledge of practices of high value and interest for the independent solo entrepreneur, you are invited to submit a proposal for any of the following types of sessions: 

Conference sessions: Podium, panel and similar style presentations (30-90 minutes) are ideal for the main program. Proposals for advanced or expert level topics should offer a perspective on how all members could benefit.

  • Interactive sessions and alternative formats are highly encouraged; we invite proposals offering attendees the opportunity to experience something new.

Tips Sessions: Presenters lead an interactive roundtable for 20 minutes. Each tips session is presented 3 times in succession with attendees selecting from a number of Tips options to rotate and sit at three.

  • Tips sessions are a great opportunity to get high value information in a concise and short format!

Posters and Beyond in the Exhibits: Ideal for sharing research results, a case study, or other topics that lend themselves to visual display and casual engagement with visitors to the exhibit booth.

  • This opportunity runs during the Exhibits and could be a poster, laptop slide show, or sharing of other visual props.

Pre-conference Workshops: Experienced AIIP members are encouraged to submit a proposal for a workshop of 2 or 3-4 hours to be held on Thursday, April 19. Preference will be given to topic ideas that stimulate and challenge our new and experienced AIIP members alike and will attract a crowd to get the conference off with a bang. Only 3 to 4 slots are available.

Deadline for proposals: October 17, 2017.

Suggestions or questions not answered by the detailed instructions may be directed to

Don’t hide your talents! Share your knowledge, experience, and expertise with fellow AIIP members in 2018!

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Who can speak at the AIIP conference?

You do not need to be an AIIP member to submit a proposal to speak at the conference, but your proposed presentation must be targeted at and relevant to AIIP members – who are primarily small business owners working in the information industry.

Who attends the conference?

Attendees are mainly AIIP members and vendors of services to members. Locally-based non-members who are interested in AIIP and/or for whom the conference program is relevant also attend.

What sort of proposal is wanted?

We are looking for proposals for sessions that will inspire and enthuse our members and attract them to attend the conference.

Main conference sessions must appeal to all attendees. Attendees at the 2017 AIIP conference said in their feedback that they valued practical sessions helping them to run or manage their businesses. Case studies are popular, and interactive elements are encouraged.

Tips sessions may be more varied and targeted to sub-groups of attendees (who typically attend three different roundtables during the tips time slot). Tips session topics at the 2017 conference included succeeding as a new business owner, technical tips (taking advantage of cloud-based tools, cyber security), aspects of managing life/work balance (transitioning to retirement, managing family commitments), specific sectors/service offerings (primary research), and selling services (webinars).

Pre-conference workshops may be targeted at a specific audience (such as new or experienced independent business owners), cover a specific aspect of running a business, or focus on gaining a specific skill.

Can I submit more than one proposal?

Yes. We appreciate that you may want to submit proposals in more than one category (pre-conference workshop, main conference session or tips session) or on more than one topic. Please submit each proposal on a separate form.

What is the proposal submission process?

Submit your proposal using the form at the appropriate link by October 17, 2017. You will be asked to provide the following information:

For main conference sessions and workshops:

  • Working title and description of proposed session or workshop including key theme/message; why your topic will appeal to conference attendees; interactive elements; two or three key takeaways.
  • Brief biography of presenter (or lead presenter if more than one), highlighting expertise in relation to the proposed topic.
  • Details of past speaking engagements, including links to any videos of presentations or contact details of someone who has heard you present and is willing to provide a reference.
  • The same information for any co-presenters.

For tips sessions:

  • Working title and description of proposed tips session including key theme/message; why your topic will appeal to conference attendees; interactive elements; two or three key takeaways.
  • Brief biography, highlighting expertise in relation to proposed topic and past presenting/facilitating experience.

You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of your proposal immediately upon submission.

The Conference Programming Committee will review all proposals, and you will be informed of our decision no later than November 10, 2017. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Michelle Rawl.

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