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aiip 2019 annual conference

April 11-14, 2019,
Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Why Attend the 2019 Conference?

1) Learning and Networking

Based on four key learning themes—Business Development, Tools of the Trade, Professional Development, and Personal Enrichment—the conference program is sure to move you forward in your business and in the way you manage your work. Varied session formats including panels, Snap Talks, and quick Tips will keep you engaged and on your toes! Connect with other attendees at meals and breaks—most are included with your registration.

Hear how first-time attendee Eddie Ajaeb made a successful foray into content marketing, inspired by the 2017 AIIP Annual Conference and his first year of membership in AIIP.

2) Connect and Refresh

Attending the conference is energizing and empowering. It's your chance to spend time with other professionals with businesses like yours. We experience the same challenges, and we share solutions. You could not imagine a more welcoming and inclusive network of professionals than we have in AIIP.

  • Build a more resilient business. Ensure you’re up to date with the latest and find ways to solve your business challenges.
  • Learn how other AIIP members made their businesses prosper and how they continue to grow, personally and professionally.
  • Conquer the isolation of working solo and build your network of contacts and friends.
  • Grow your brand and build your confidence.
  • Have fun!

3) Feel Welcome as a New Attendee

The AIIP conference is an uncommonly welcoming venue for new members and first-time attendees, whether you're just starting out or already have a solid business.

  • We offer a unique "First-Timer" orientation session—so you never have to come into the conference cold. Get to know others in the same boat, and get coaching on how to make the most of your conference investment. 
  • Introduce yourself and your skills to everyone in the Friday morning opening session, and be ready for the follow-up conversations that result.
  • AIIP organizes Dine-Arounds, where we can sign up for a dinner location and get to know the rest of the table. (Guests and significant others are welcome, too.) Pick a restaurant or two.

"Information spoken here" - so bring a batch of business cards and meet in Philadelphia at #AIIP19.
Review the highlights of recent AIIP conferences.

As a first-time attendee, I learned a great deal more about how to move my business forward. Equally if not more important, I was thrilled to meet many AIIP members and hear your stories. I feel I made a number of new professional friends and am privileged to belong to such a warm community of info pros.
—Roger Magnus, Roger Magnus Research

As always, I came away with about 15 pages (really!) of notes—ideas, next steps, people to follow up with. I am always exhausted and exhilarated and really glad I invested the time, energy, and $$$ to attend.

Mary Ellen Bates, Bates Information Services, Inc.

I came home brimming with ideas and concrete examples of how to consult for the future, not just contract for today.

Marilyn Harmacek, MHC Info Solutions

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