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In-Person Events:  April 27–April 30, 2023
Wrap-Around & virtual events:  April 24–May 5, 2023

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Andy Kirk photo
Keynote Presentation, Friday, April 28

Andy Kirk,
Visualizing Data, Ltd.

Inspiration Gazing:  Injecting Fresh Thinking into Data Visualization

Tony Zanders photo
Roger Summit Award Lecture, Friday, April 28

Tony Zanders,
CEO, SkillType

Global, Mobile, Social, Local:  Becoming the Modern Information Professional

The AIIP Annual Conference is where independent information professionals
reconnect with colleagues, meet new friends, and expand our professional knowledge.

Our varied agenda covers:

  • Key strategies for developing your information business
  • Tools of the trade
  • Professional development
  • Personal enrichment

The full conference program will include:

  • Stand-alone virtual presentations and networking events
  • In-person sessions and networking in Milwaukee
  • Live-stream feeds for portions of the in-person conference


Why Attend?

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Knowledge exchange at AIIP annual conference

Small group presentation at AIIP Annual Conference

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virtual workshops

We look forward to seeing you at the 2023 AIIP Annual Conference!


I've gotten value from all the sessions and have met people who "get" what I do.

2023 conference Planning committee

Contact us at

Denise Carter, Chair


Liz McLean, Chair
Tanya Humphrey
Elizabeth Hutchinson
Rachel Yang

Hotel & Local Arrangements

Karen Klein, Chair
Jan Sykes


Roger Magnus, Chair

Communications & Tech

June Boyle, Chair
Jennifer Burke
Connie Clem
Chris Cochran
Chrissy Geluk
Janel Kinlaw
Janette Lonsdale

Presentations were excellent. A nice variety of topics and speakers.

I go for the shot-in-the-arm of catching up with colleagues and making new connections.

It is literally my favorite conference of all time.

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