About Denver

Denver is in the Mountain Time Zone – 2 hours behind east coast, 1 hour ahead of west coast.


Denver is known as the Mile High City, sitting at 5,280 feet above sea level. Following these tips will make your stay more comfortable.


Altitude sickness is a real condition, but the flu-like symptoms are preventable. Drinking water, limiting alcohol, increasing potassium (by eating bananas, avocados, cantaloupe, chocolate…), restricting exercise (even stairs can be tricky) for a day or two should do the trick. If you do happen to feel a bit off, fluids, painkillers (for headache) and bed rest will get you back on track.


Adult beverages have an enhanced effect in the altitude so you may want to watch your consumption until you acclimate to the altitude. That takes a day or two.
TIP: half as much alcohol gives twice the impact, including hangovers.


Not only is Denver high, it is dry—like desert arid dry. The humidity hovers around 15% and rarely gets over 50%. Drink twice as much water as you do at home and always have a water bottle with you. TIP: Tea, coffee, juices and alcohol increase dehydration. AND, don’t just hydrate your insides, moisturize your outsides. Body lotion, chap stick, eye drops, nasal spray are standard equipment in the altitude. Also, the higher you go, the more affect the altitude has and the cooler the weather. Most mountain towns are around 8,500 – 9,500 feet with ski slopes around 11,000 feet. Our highest peaks are around 14,000 feet (fourteeners) and could have snow on them year round. Plan on at least a 10-degree differential from Denver to the mountains.


Yes, adults over the age of 21 can purchase, possess and consume pot in Colorado, but there are strict rules.


You must purchase from a licensed dispensary that sells recreational marijuana for personal use. It is still illegal to purchase marijuana from any unlicensed source, including street vendors. It is illegal to purchase pot for resale.


Denver law prohibits pot consumption in any public place, including parks, transportation, sports or music venues, restaurants, rooftop cafes, hotel balconies. Anyone with 5 or more nanograms of THC in their blood can be arrested for DUI. Check Westword or the Colorado Pot Guide for the most up-to-date policies and places allowing recreational consumption. The Warwick Hotel prohibits pot smoking or the consumption of edibles anywhere on its premises, including guest rooms, balconies, public areas, or immediate grounds.


It is illegal to transport marijuana out of Colorado. Our neighboring states do not take kindly to non-compliance. Denver International Airport prohibits the possession, use, display and transfer of marijuana on its property.


E-cigarette use (vaping) is considered in the same category as tobacco cigarettes under the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act. It is illegal to vape inside any public building or any business and within 25 feet of the main or front doorway of a building. Cigar/tobacco bars and recreational cannabis clubs are among the few places smoking and vaping are allowed.


Denver is a very casual town. Nice jeans are accepted almost everywhere, but you may want to bring some business casual clothes for a night out, especially if you’re headed to the Buell, Mizuna or the Capital Grille. Scarves are great to dress up an outfit and stay warm. A sweater or jacket is a must for the nighttime weather. You may even need a coat in April. For shoes, think function over fashion as you’ll probably be doing some walking.


Springtime in the Rockies can mean weather in the 80s or 8 inches of snow. Watch the weather reports before you pack. Typical April temperatures range from 60s during the day to 30s at night.


Since the weather can change on a dime (and it does!), be sure to dress in layers so you are ready for the heat when the sun is out or the chill when the sun goes down. A short-sleeved shirt under a long-sleeved over-shirt or hoodie with a fleece or waterproof shell in tow is typical dress here. And while you probably won’t need an umbrella, you could need a hat and rain jacket.


Being a mile high brings you that much closer to bright sunlight and our clear blue sky. Be sure to pack sunscreen and sunglasses for our 300+ days of sunshine. You’ll need both if you are outdoors at all, even if it snows.

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