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AIIP traditionally offers a series of professional development workshops to complement our Annual Conference Program. Our pre- and post-conference virtual workshops will take place in March, April, and May 2022. These workshops are delivered by our very own AIIP experts, who will take you on a deep and practical dive into the tools and techniques you need to deliver greater value to your clients and to successfully grow your business.

Registration for each workshop is $125 and is separate from the Annual Conference registration fee.


March 24, 4:00Pm - 6:00pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

Google Is Not the Only Fruit: Advanced Searching for InfoPros

PRESENTER:  Arthur Weiss

Many of us are car drivers—and we all think we are great drivers. Yet if we were, how come there are so many car accidents? And how many of us could drive an ambulance to an emergency, or a police car in a chase?

Searching online is similar. We all think we are experts, but few are. Even fewer are actually taught how to be expert searchers. This workshop will show you the steps you need to take to become a really proficient online searcher—whether for finding competitive intelligence or information on people or just finding that item you’ve wanted for years but could never locate. If it’s findable, this workshop will show you how to find it.

Arthur Weiss is the managing director of AWARE, specialising in marketing, OSINT, and competitive intelligence research and training. Arthur offered the world's first workshop on using the Internet for competitive intelligence at the 1997 London International Online Information Conference. Along the way he’s come across useful websites, crazy sites, and sites that probably shouldn’t even exist (try Arthur has consulted for several leading companies in the information industry and has written articles and lectured on a variety of marketing and information industry  topics. Arthur is a Chartered Marketer with the UK's Chartered Institute of Marketing and a member of SLA, the Association of MBAs, and AIIP, where he has served as a board member. Arthur is married to an educator, Susy, and has two children who support his quest to stay one step ahead of Millennials who have imbibed online technologies since birth.


April 5, 3:00Pm - 5:00pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

How to attract clients and build credibility through social media, without making it your full-time job

PRESENTER:  Marcy Phelps

LinkedIn and other social media sites offer small, independent business owners an opportunity to market to many, rather than one prospect at a time. For a lot of independent information professionals, though, the thought of social-media marketing is overwhelming, and they don't know where to start or what to talk about.

AIIP member Marcy Phelps will share tips and strategies to help you navigate the top social sites and develop a process for discovering your audience, expanding your network by being more social, and creating valuable content that you can share in multiple formats. You'll leave this workshop with your customized blueprint for getting noticed on social media without selling, chasing clients, or wasting your time with ineffective approaches.

As the founder and president of Marcy Phelps & Associates, Inc., Marcy helps clients identify and prevent fraud through background investigations, financial asset research, and training services. A licensed private investigator and Certified Fraud Examiner, Marcy frequently speaks and writes on topics related to investigative research, and her online courses can be found at


MaY 5, 4:00pm - 6:00pm UTC (convert to your timezone)

Power your life with automation!

PRESENTER:  Chrissy Geluk

This workshop will provide the benefits of automating certain tasks in your business and even in your life. Automation tools like Zapier and Power Automate will be demonstrated and applied. The session will be an interactive and hands-on, giving the participants the ability to "experiment" themselves.

Chrissy Geluk is the principal and founder of Librarian At Your Service, LLC, which she founded in July 2015 after serving internal clients for a multinational pharmaceutical company. Her first exposure to the Microsoft family of products was when she migrated the corporate library site to SharePoint 2010 Foundation. Since then, Chrissy has continued to leverage the Microsoft 365 product family—including Teams, SharePoint, and the Power Platform—for both her clients and her family. Chrissy has held numerous volunteer leadership positions with SLA, the Patent Information Users Group (PIUG), and AIIP. She is active with Microsoft Communities as well as the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM) and DIA. Chrissy and her husband enjoy the many adventures of life, such as traveling, gardening, and scuba diving. Feel free to connect with Chrissy on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

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