AIIP Webinar Program: So You Think You Speak English?

  • 16 Jul 2008
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Virtual

Arthur Weiss

This program will cover key differences between UK and US for primary and secondary research. 

For example:

  • Patent and Company filings differ (we get private company information).
  • FOIA is different.
  • Health system is completely different – impacting drug / pharma research, etc.
  • Political / government system is different – so there are different places to look.
  • European Union – what it is, who is involved, what it means, why the UK and a few others are not in the euro, etc. (And that the eurodollar is NOT the currency name despite what some spam mailers STILL claim!)
  • Importance of knowing when to outsource to a local person rather than do work from the US.
  • Cultural differences at work: Brits can’t understand how yanks can survive on only 14 days holiday – when 25 days is the norm here and more is not uncommon.
  • Importance of knowing British slang for primary research. 

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