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AIIP's mission is to equip our members for ongoing business success.

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AIIP is an international association with a unique focus on the "business" side of information entrepreneurship. By joining AIIP, you will connect with a diverse and collegial community of professionals. AIIP’s members include researchers, analysts, investigators, consultants, technology experts, communicators, trainers, and other professionals working in information-centric specialty areas. Whether you’ve owned your business for several years, are just starting out, or are seeking insights into the world of independent info pros, AIIP membership will give you major returns on your investment.

AIIP has many valuable resources for members. We regularly host members-only virtual events, such as webinars, workshops, and Info Pro Cafe meetings. We’ve rounded up some incredible vendor discounts. Our annual conference provides unique training and professional development for running an information-based business. And, of course, our members-only discussion forum has brought together countless members to solve business challenges and questions.

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Full Members must be owners of for-profit, information-centric businesses (25% ownership minimum) and submit proof of business ownership.For those who intend to start their own business, want to learn about information entrepreneurship, or wish to be a part of the AIIP community.

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Are you in business or thinking about launching? Then you might need what AIIP delivers—

  • A worldwide network of information-based business owners
  • Virtual networking and discussion events
  • Professional development programs to help you grow your business
  • An active, collegial discussion forum
  • Annual conference focused where business success and information-based services intersect
  • Flexible peer to peer support, including mentoring from experienced business owners
  • Discount programs with leading information providers

About AIIP

Information entrepreneurs go by many names—business intelligence expert, market analyst, consultant, data analyst, private investigator, taxonomy specialist, researcher, online content producer, social media manager, website developer, freelancer, knowledge manager, and more.

What types of work do AIIP members do?

Typically, we each offer a blend of expertise in these Practice Areas:

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What should you consider before starting your own business?

Read the AIIP Guide to Getting Started as an Independent Info Pro for our members' recommendations.

This helpful resource is free to new AIIP members, or you can request the PDF. The Guide shares the perspectives and tips of members who have "been there and done that."

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