Roger Summit Conference Sponsorship

The Roger Summit Conference Sponsorship provides $1,000 and the conference registration fee to enable a member of the AIIP to attend the AIIP Annual Conference. The Roger Summit Conference Sponsorship is intended to facilitate awareness of the benefits of attending future conferences and support and nurture an AIIP member who has not previously attended an AIIP Annual Conference.


Roger Summit prompted and inspired this award with a generous contribution. Roger is a leading pioneer of the online information industry and founder of Dialog. He has been a strong supporter of AIIP since its inception. Both as CEO of one of the earliest AIIP Industry Partners, and now as an Associate Member, he has actively contributed to, participated in, and enhanced AIIP activities.


  • Applicants must have been an AIIP member for at least two years and in business as an independent information professional for at least two years. Their business must be full time and represent the applicant’s primary source of income.
  • Applicants must be attending their first AIIP Annual Conference.
  • Applicants can nominate themselves.


  • Nominations are accepted via the application form.
  • Nominations are evaluated by a judging panel consisting of three AIIP members.

Additional Information

  • The Conference Sponsorship will be forfeited if the winner is unable to attend the upcoming AIIP Conference. The winner will have 72 hours to indicate whether he/she will attend the conference. If he/she cannot attend, the sponsorship will be offered to the first runner up.
  • The Roger Summit Conference Sponsorship constitutes a considerable investment by AIIP. Each year's winner will be invited to voluntarily serve on an AIIP committee for a minimum of one year after receiving the scholarship.
  • The cheque for $1,000 will be presented at the conference.

Awards Committee

Ulla de Stricker, Chair



Betty Nordeng

Mary Elizabeth Greene-Cohen

Cynthia Navarro

Judy Koren

Heather Willis

Sarah J. Carson

Margaret King

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