The time and talent contributed by AIIP members to the association is extraordinary--and critical to our success as an organization. The Volunteer Spotlight recognizes members who have contributed exemplary service to AIIP. Volunteers included in the Spotlight are selected by the AIIP Board. Recipients of this recognition include:

Recent Recipients

Jennifer Pflaumer - Paroo  | Becky Leung - BlueNote Research Group
Over the last year, it became clear AIIP’s video hosting service needed an upgrade. The host we currently use lacks the functionality and the flexibility needed to keep up with growing demand.

Jennifer Pflaumer and Becky Leung volunteered to take on an analysis of products and services we might use to upgrade our capabilities. They created a list of requirements, prioritized those functional requirements, and then began the hard work of analyzing the alternatives and providing fact-based recommendations.

Jennifer and Becky’s hard work resulted in the AIIP Board selecting Vimeo as its new video hosting platform.

Jennifer’s Web Team will be instrumental to setting up the new platform and migrating our current videos. We look forward to a smooth and professional migration with the help of Connie Clem, Karen Klein, and Deirdre Black.

We would like to thank Jennifer and Becky for stepping up to the plate and hitting it out of the park!

Scott Attenborough - AIIP President-Elect

“As an information technologist, Jennifer lends her technical chops to AIIP as the Web Team lead. She gracefully juggles a chorus of requests from across the organization. Jennifer is a leader with strong shoulders. Becky is a technical content expert who loves to take on important projects. For every new idea tossed her way, Becky says, 'Bring it on'. Her strong technical expertise was invaluable to the hosting platform discussion. I'm grateful that Jennifer and Becky stepped up to help push AIIP's digital presence forward.”

 Jane Langeman, AIIP President

“I enjoyed working with Jennifer Pflaumer and the AIIP Web Team to evaluate potential audio/video hosting platforms to replace the existing platform. I learned about the current AIIP webinar uploading process. I look forward to working with the AIIP Web Team and Webinar team on the migration to the new Vimeo platform.”

Becky Leung - AIIP Web Team
 “It was great to work with Becky on the project. Her tech knowledge and ability to assess systems against the requirements was exactly what we needed to make the best recommendation for the video platform. In the process I also learned a lot about what to look for when evaluating these types of systems, and most of all, the value of knowing what the requirements are – if you have the requirements locked in, it can help whittle down the potential systems quite efficiently.”

Jennifer Pflaumer - AIIP Web Team

Peggy Garvin, Garvin Consulting  

The AIIP Annual Conference has so many moving parts. It requires diligent eye for detail and well honed leadership abilities.

AIIP’s diverse mix of information professionals have exacting expectations. Every year, for many of us, our conference is the highlight of the entire year. This year’s conference truly upheld AIIP standards. At the center of it all was Peggy Garvin. With her leadership the team presented a stellar conference that received rave reviews:

"It was an honor for me to lead the conference planning for AIIP 2016 in Pittsburgh, where I grew up. I know the conference schedule does not give us enough time to be tourists, but I hope everyone has a chance to go back–preferably in the summer–to explore beyond downtown.

I have volunteered to work on two other AIIP conferences in the past, one in Pittsburgh in 2008 and another in Baltimore in 2014. Before that, I took on program planning and leadership roles for SLA and several local groups, and helped as staff for the conferences hosted by past employers. What was special about coordinating the AIIP conference is that it requires bringing all of the pieces of a conference, from start to end, together into one cohesive experience for your audience. It is a bit like staging a major performance.

The experience made it clear to me that AIIP is what individual members, working together, make it. There is no "they" to innovate and get things done. It takes you. I was fortunate to have a great team that came up with creative solutions and carried them out, and I am truly grateful to each and every one of them."  - Peggy Garvin

Peggy has been a star in her role as Conference Chair. I admired Peggy’s leadership of the conference team scattered around the world. She is calm, forward thinking, across the detail, happy to delegate and very appreciative. The proof of her skills is in the wonderful Pittsburgh conference and the legacy she is leaving to run a great conference in New Orleans in 2017.  

Heather Carine - Workshops Co-ordinator - AIIP Pittsburgh 2016

How lucky are we to have had a leader like Peggy Garvin for our 2016 conference?  She preserved what was best of our conference traditions while shaking things up in ways that tickled. Peggy is a first rate project manager and an even more valuable AIIP leader.

Jane Langeman - AIIP President - Langeman Consulting

"If you've worked on a conference planning team, you know what a herculean job it is. If you haven't, a) you should, and b) hope like heck for a leader like Peggy Garvin. Peggy led the team with grace, patience and professionalism, and the results demonstrate her effectiveness. 5 stars for Garvin!"

Anne Hengehold - Clarify Info

Cathy Chiba, Dauratus Research

Cathy has been an enthusiastic member of the AIIP webinar team for several years and is crucial to delivering the high-value professional development that AIIP offers to members via its webinars. Said Webinar Chair, Mary Ellen Bates, “Cathy has been a great asset to the webinar team, providing the backstage support that enables webinars to run smoothly. She always brings a fresh perspective, sense of humor, and generous spirit.”

With her trademark green hair, fiber-optic light-up umbrellas, huge smile and infectious laughter, Cathy is a creative force to be reckoned with and easily spotted at AIIP events! Marketing Director Jennifer Burke said, “Cathy is simply one of the biggest and best brand advocates that AIIP has!”

The AIIP Volunteer Spotlight award always pleasantly surprises its winners, and Cathy was no different. When informed of recognition of her volunteer contributions, Cathy replied. “Whoa! I didn’t expect to be recognized! But thank you: it’s a delight and an honour.” Cathy likes the opportunity that AIIP gives to work on teams and projects of varying length, intensity and duration - all opportunities to learn as well as give back.

Dauratus Research ( helps technologists, innovators, and technology users create better, more engaging, and truthful conversations about science and technology.

Jennifer Burke

Jennifer Burke, IntelliCraft Research

Member, Marketing Analyst

Jennifer says "Can do!” and does it—which is a wonderful attribute in a volunteer. We had aggregated information from similar organizations to AIIP. Jennifer analyzed it, organized it and came up with recommendations for the Board to coordinate all of AIIP’s marketing opportunities in one document. Her marketing and information background helped develop an important guide for AIIP’s future growth. Jennifer Says: I appreciate the opportunity to give back to an organization that is now quite dear to my heart and invaluable to my professional life and business. It’s been great to work with Susan Berkman and others on the AIIP board to craft documents and plans to help others see how wonderful AIIP is and make a difference in growing the organization. I’m honored for the recognition and look forward to more opportunities like this one! IntelliCraft Research uses Jennifer's 15 years of experience and research training in marketing, customer service, and library and information science to solve custom research problems, with an emphasis on marketing intelligence (market trends, company profiles, industry scans, secondary market research, etc). Jennifer also uses her combined marketing and library expertise to work with libraries and information professionals on strategic marketing problems – including speaking, consulting, planning and training. Jennifer, based outside of Philadelphia, PA is available for consultations and projects to blend her unique background and experience to help bring strategic thinking and serious problem solving to your organization’s challenges. Social Links IntelliCraft Research News, Tips, and Advice on Marketing and Research at InfoHound Follow IntelliCraft Research on Twitter Jennifer Burke on LinkedIn


Constance Ard, Answer Maven

Chair, 2013 Conference Planning Committee

Constance’s strong leadership in creating a successful 2013 conference experience in Denver, Colorado is greatly appreciated. Working under tight deadlines and budgets, she brought together varied and valuable sessions that engaged conference attendees. The feedback received after the conference is a testament to her work. —Scott Brown, AIIP Past President Constance says: Working on the 2013 Conference was an exciting challenge. Having a strong team of dedicated and capable volunteers made for a fun experience that I think we can all be proud of.

Risa Sacks

Risa Sacks, Risa Sacks Information Services Member, Elections Committee and Ad Hoc Conference Group Risa conducted a wide range of interviews (a specialty of hers!), did research, and wrote an extremely helpful and timely report on issues related to where we locate our annual conference. Her work has translated directly into site selection policy being recommended to the Board.—Jocelyn Sheppard, AIIP President-Elect Risa says: For 20 years I have known AIIPers as one of the most talented, competent and generous groups of people I’ve ever encountered. It’s been a privilege to give back in small part for all AIIP’s contributions to me personally and to the field of independent information professionals.

Richard Torian

Richard Torian, Business Research Services Chair, Awards Committee Richard has taken over the reins of the Awards Committee and has thoroughly and ably managed all aspects of the awards process. This includes two major award cycles: the Technology Award in October, and the several annual awards given at the Annual Conference. His work is very professional and, as a Director, I knew I did not have to worry about the work being done when he was in charge. —Vada Repta, Secretary Richard says: I am honored and pleased to be selected to be spotlighted as an AIIP volunteer. By volunteering for AIIP, I have had a chance to meet and work with many wonderful AIIP members, to increase my skills, and to better feel that I am part of an outstanding organization.

Lorette Weldon

Lorette Weldon, Lorette Weldon, EdD Member, Website Administration Committee. Lorette has been a reliable team member who has always stepped up to perform tasks in a quick and responsive manner. As a long-time volunteer, Lorette has managed content of high value to all AIIP members, such as AIIP’s webinar archives. Lorette’s motto has been, “I’m here for you” – all while completing her doctorate. Her can-do attitude and sense of humor have been greatly appreciated!—Connie Clem, Chair, Website Administration Committee Lorette says: It has been a very special position that AIIP has allowed me to be a part of. The enjoyment of working with Connie Clem has helped to give me a better perspective of being a webmaster. This experience has helped me grow as an independent information professional. Through this volunteer project, I have also met and worked with all of the members of AIIP via posting their accomplishments and announcements on the AIIP website. As my motto clearly says, "I am here for you!" Thank you for this tremendous honor.

Cindy Shamel

Cindy Shamel, Shamel Information Services Chair, Webinar Committee and Chair, Inquirers Committee Webinars seem to run flawlessly. Cindy always manages the conversation well, gives credit to her team and posts the recorded file promptly. I think members agree with me that the webinars are a valuable component of membership. —Jan Sykes Cindy says: I am honored and thrilled to receive this recognition from my colleagues in AIIP. Volunteering for AIIP has provided countless opportunities to learn and grow as an information professional and a successful business owner. As AIIP Webinar Committee Chair I have had the opportunity to work with some of AIIP’s best, and I have enjoyed delivering a very valuable benefit to all of AIIP’s members.

Jan Knight

Jan Knight, Bancroft Information Services Member, Industry Relations Committee Jan Knight’s monthly vendor highlight is a great service to the President, to our members, and to our vendors, in increasing awareness of the many benefits AIIP offers through our vendor relationships. Jan can be counted upon to deliver what she commits to - and well! —Linda Rink Jan says: It’s been a pleasure to relieve Linda Rink of some of her committee responsibilities and I hope to continue doing so in the future. The vendor discounts and relationships we have with so many of these great companies are a huge benefit to all AIIP members and they make us all more successful as IP’s, and I like dealing with them.

Ulla de Stricker

Ulla de Stricker, de Stricker Associates Co-Chair, Conference Planning Committee Ulla has graciously served as the Conference Committee co-chair for two consecutive years, and each year she has developed a top-notch experience for the AIIP membership. She has served with grace and professionalism. Her enthusiasm and generous nature make her a natural leader. Her professionalism is the icing on the cake! —Marge King, AIIP Immediate Past President Ulla says: I believe in giving back to the profession and especially to an association that gives me so much value: It is my pleasure to serve AIIP in any role whatsoever!

Missy Corley

Missy Corley, Bayside Research Services, LLC PR & Materials Coordinator, Conference Planning Committee Missy Corley was an integral member of the 2009-2010 conference planning teams. Her creative and project management skills ensured that we communicated a consistent, clear, and engaging message for all of our target audiences. Missy always executed with flair and enthusiasm and it was a great pleasure working with her! —Jocelyn Sheppard, Chair, Conference Planning Committee Missy says: I learned a lot about AIIP by getting involved and really enjoyed working with my fellow committee members on both conferences.

Donna Cohen

Donna Cohen, D.L. Cohen Information Services Member, Website Update Committee Donna has been instrumental in the process of updating AIIP’s website. In 2010, she steered the committee that evaluated She’s skillfully led the Website Update Committee through the RFP process to solicit a vendor who will improve navigation, organize content, and define audience segments. —Debbie Wynot, Director, Marketing and Web Donna says: Thank you for this recognition. Throughout the process of both website committees I appreciated the trust that the Board liaisons had in me, and the support they offered. I also was lucky to have many strong team members who collaborated so well to accomplish so much.

Judith Binder

Judith Binder, RBSC Corporation's Research Group Member, Webinar Committee Judith serves as an ideal partner in AIIP volunteering. She takes initiative and seeks opportunities to grow in her role and participation. I can count on her timely and insightful participation in all decisions and discussions. Judith enthusiastically tackles new challenges and keeps smiling despite the vagaries of webinar technology. —Cindy Shamel, Chair, Webinar Committee Judith says: Being an AIIP volunteer is an important part of my business. It is an opportunity to stay current with technologies and trends in my profession, build my brand and increase my firm’s name recognition, be an active member of my professional community - a positive in any evaluation, lead directly or indirectly to business opportunities, and develop meaningful relationships with other association members.

Lorene Kennard

Lorene Kennard, Walnut Avenue Research Coordinator, AIIP Get-Together, SLA 2011 and 2009, and 2010 Conference Program Coordinator I’d like to recognize Lorene’s willingness to engage with SLA 2011 conference attendees interested in AIIP, and to let attendees know about the AIIP get-together at the SLA conference. Her efforts helped ensure that AIIP not only had a successful networking event, but also allowed interested attendees the chance to interact with enthusiastic AIIP members. Her work earned AIIP new members! —Scott Brown, AIIP President-Elect Lorene says: When I exhibit at the Special Libraries Association annual conference, potential clients are always interested in the structure of my business. When they find out that I am a one-person business, they are curious about how it works, as many of them have considered starting their own businesses. I always mention AIIP during these conversations. This year, since AIIP had a get-together in Philadelphia, I was able to suggest they attend the get-together to meet more AIIPers and find out more about the organization. Apparently, a lot of them took me up on it!

Jan Davis

Jan Davis, Blue Sage Research Chair, Conference Program, 2011 and 2012; and Member, Long Range Planning Committee Jan is incredibly insightful and forward-thinking in everything she does, and she generously brings these same traits to her volunteer roles. Jan's business acumen is exceptional, and her contributions to the Long Range Planning Committee were equally exceptional. —Marge King, Past President Jan says: As an AIIP member since 1997, I’ve witnessed the organization grow and evolve through a cast of dedicated volunteers, and without these volunteers AIIP wouldn’t be the dynamic association that it is today. Volunteering with AIIP has been a meaningful way to “give back” and get to know some of my fellow members better.

Heather Carine

Heather Carine, Carine Research Chair, AIIP Connections Committee & Editor, AIIP Connections Heather selflessly threw herself into leading and organizing AIIP’s Connections quarterly. She kept everyone on schedule, and boosted the quality of Connections up a notch with good writing, editing, and layout. She even recruited one of her top editors to replace her, Joann Wleklinski. Oh, and she coordinated all these activities from Adelaide, Australia! —Ellen Naylor, Director, Member Benefits Heather says: It was an honour to serve as the Editor of AIIP Connections. I took on the role, as it was one way that I could volunteer for AIIP from Australia. Serving as Editor also helped me to develop connections with colleagues around the world. The role was made a lot easier due to the wonderful AIIP Connections team of Eiko Shaul, Karen Klein, Joann Wleklinski, Robbie Marks, Andrew Youngkin, Barbara Pilvin, Vikki Bell, Melanie Noviss, Amelia Kassel, Andrea Carrero, Darlene Swanson, Ellen Naylor, and former AIIP Presidents Marcy Phelps and Marge King.

Jane Langeman, Langeman Consulting AIIP-L Replacement Committee Jane lent AIIP her technical expertise, patience, and thoroughness to get our Lyris software upgrade for AIIP-L. Responsibilities included negotiating contracts, testing software, and coordinating all aspects of installation to minimize disruption. This has been a key accomplishment especially since AIIP-L is a key member benefit quoted by many as worth the price of AIIP’s annual dues alone. —Ellen Naylor, Director, Member Benefits Jane says: I love the diverse and talkative nature of AIIPers. When I saw the conversation hiccups caused by the age of our discussion list software, I knew this was a place I could help. Joining Ellen Naylor and Mary-Doug Wright with the efforts they had started was easy and, dare I say it, even fun.

Connie Clem

Connie Clem, Clem Information Strategies Chair, Website Administration Committee Connie tackles the endless job of updating each section of AIIP’s website with great vigor, promptness, and intuition. She is extraordinarily proactive with committee changes, conference information, announcements, and much more. Connie uses her social media expertise to prompt, compose, and participate in sending kudos to AIIP and its members. —Debbie Wynot, Director, Marketing/Web Connie says: Volunteering to work on AIIP’s website has helped me get the most out of my AIIP experience. I’ve worked with brilliant and committed current and former board members, committee chairs, and volunteers who have become not just colleagues but friends. I’ve learned from them, learned the business of a nonprofit organization from the inside out, and expanded my portfolio of web applications.

Michele Bate

Michele Bate, Archer Van den Broeck Co-Chair, Mentoring Committee Michele brought much needed structure and process to the mentoring committee. Now people can easily read about mentor/mentee responsibilities online, and a detailed form helps to facilitate the matching process. In addition, there are now checks and balances to ensure the mentor/mentee relationship stays on track throughout the year. —Ellen Naylor, Director, Member Benefits Michele says: It has been a pleasure to serve on the Mentoring Committee. It is extremely rewarding to match mentors with mentees as it is such a popular member benefit and both parties derive value from the relationship. I have had the privilege of working with some excellent people (Sharon Nottingham and more recently, Shelly Azar) and have found volunteering to be an excellent way to get to know fellow AIIP members.

Joann M. Wleklinski

Joann M. Wleklinski, Wleklinski Information Services Editor-in-Chief, AIIP Connections Joann is a never-ending resource of intelligence and philanthropy. Time and again she has stepped up to the plate and taken on positions where we were in dire need. Sad to see her leave the Volunteer Committee, I was pleased when she generously stepped into the position of AIIP Connections Editor, a vital and important role for AIIP. I look forward to working with Joann in years to come. —Cynthia Hetherington, AIIP President-Elect Joann says: As the incoming editor of AIIP Connections, I will be putting together your favorite quarterly AIIP read. In my beginning, there was information research. Lately I’ve been copyediting written material to make it read better, and yet still in the author’s own voice. I’ve also been known to write an article or two myself, and I enjoy that. And I’ve been dabbling in grant writing. I’m ever so grateful to have a place like AIIP. So many smart people to hang out with and learn from.

Eiko Shaul

Eiko Shaul, Shaul InfoResearch Advertising Coordinator, AIIP Connections Eiko has been an incredible AIIP volunteer. She is very reliable: when she says she will do something by a certain date, you can count on it. She is incredibly gracious, always giving the other person credit, but she is a real workhorse. —Ellen Naylor, Director of Member Benefits Eiko says: Through volunteer work I learned a lot about the AIIP and running a business. It also gave me opportunities to become connected and to get to know other members and people outside of the association. All in all, volunteering has been an enriching experience in many ways, including learning about myself.

Susan Berkman

Susan Berkman, Research-Ability LLC Marketing Coordinator, Conference Planning Committee Susan is simply amazing. She has worked tirelessly at getting sponsors and exhibitors for the AIIP Conference not only for 2010 but again for 2011. Susan has taken her in-depth knowledge of the industry and parlayed that into record sponsorship levels for 2011 (beating her own previous record!). She is a true leader and is extraordinarily committed to AIIP’s success. —Marge King, AIIP President Susan says: AIIP is an organization unlike any other I have ever belonged to, and I am proud to be a member. It has been my pleasure to give back to AIIP as the Marketing Coordinator for its annual conference, which involved soliciting sponsors, exhibitors, trainers and advertisers to educate and support our members at the conference. I thank you for this honor and recognition.

Mary-Doug Wright

Mary-Doug Wright, Apex Information Chair, AIIP-L Committee I couldn't have picked a better, more understanding person to run our AIIP-L. Mary-Doug has been so dedicated with all the problems we've had with Sparklist. She is so diligent, patient and reliable. When she says she is going to do something, she surely will. —Ellen Naylor, Director, Member Benefits Mary Doug says: I believe in “giving back,” and being able to work with other AIIP members in a volunteer capacity has been a rewarding and enlightening experience. AIIP is one of the most supportive organizations I’ve been involved with, along with its congenial and generous members, and it is an honour to be able to support its goals. I’ve been fortunate in my career to have worked with thought-leaders in health policy, health services, and health technology assessment research across Canada and internationally. As a member of AIIP, I now have a similar opportunity to work with thought-leaders in the information world.

Phyllis Smith

Phyllis Smith, In the Know Research and Information Consulting Member, Membership Committee and First Timers Committee Phyllis is a valuable contributor to AIIP membership efforts. She serves on the Membership Committee and the First Timers Committee, which welcomes new members to the AIIP conference. One new AIIP member attributes her growth in AIIP and our profession to Phyllis. Phyllis works diligently to renew lapsing memberships and offers insightful perspectives about membership retention issues.—Betty Story, Director, Membership Phyllis says: Volunteering with AIIP has allowed me to contribute to the profession in a significant way. But I have been given so much in return. I have had opportunities to work collaboratively with a diverse group of knowledgeable and committed professionals on various committees and projects, and as a result I have learned so much about AIIP, its membership, and even myself.

Neal Foushee

Neal Foushee, BETADAT Member, Finance Committee Neal jumped right in to help with the finance committee. He has provided solid advice with viewpoints that enhance the committee’s work and benefits all of AIIP. Neal is insightful and responsive, and I am very grateful for his willingness to serve on the finance committee.—Lark Birdsong, Treasurer Neal says: I just finished up my first year with AIIP, and it was a great year. I received an awesome mentor through the mentor program and signed up for daily messages from fellow members through the AIIP discussion list. Joining the AIIP and taking advantage of everything it has to offer has added ample value to my business.

Amelia Kassel

Amelia Kassel, MarketingBase Member, Elections Committee Amelia is one of the most generous AIIPers that I know. This year, she worked tirelessly behind the scenes to assemble a fantastic slate of board candidates. Amelia truly understands that the best legacy that the Elections Committee can give is a strong and effective Board of Directors. —Marge King Amelia says: It’s an honor to have been nominated!

Marilyn Harmacek

Marilyn Harmacek, MHC Info Solutions Member, Ad Hoc Strategic Marketing Committee and Website Review Committee Marilyn, a first-year AIIPer, served on the Ad Hoc Strategic Marketing Committee where she was instrumental in helping to develop the Association's first formal marketing plan. Moreover, when the ranks of the committee thinned, Marilyn was more than willing to double her workload. And, when she couldn’t find the statistical information she needed, she joined the Website Review Committee and helped both committees access and decipher the web analytics data. We are very thankful for all of her contributions and hope to see her continue volunteering for AIIP. —Andrea Carrero, Director of Marketing/Web Marilyn says: It‘s been a privilege being able to assist such a supportive and encouraging professional organization in my first year as a member. It’s clear the more I give to this association, the more I receive from its members.

June Boyle, CeRCo Member, Volunteer & Leadership Development Committee and Elections Committee June’s leadership experience and talent has made her a wonderful resource for both the Volunteer and Leadership Development and Elections Committees. She has an amazing depth of knowledge in the field of leadership development and she generously shares it with AIIP. —Marge King June says: Volunteering for AIIP has offered me a wonderful opportunity to apply my talents, learn new skills, get to know like-minded individuals, and develop a greater awareness of what it takes to be successful in our profession. My experience has been very gratifying, and I highly recommend that all our members get involved somehow to support this great organization.

Kathy Mills

Kathy Mills, Factix Chair, Direct Marketing Committee As chair of the new Direct Marketing Committee, Kathy has led her team in the creation of content for many of the marketing projects currently and soon to be in process. Because of her excellent leadership abilities and the hard work of her committee, AIIP now has a coordinated creative marketing team that has produced excellent results in a short time. —Andrea C. Carrero, Director, Marketing/Web Kathy says: Being on the direct marketing committee has helped me strengthen my marketing skills while meeting other members and learning more about how the organization operates. I'm amazed at the amount of time and effort the board and volunteers dedicate to the AIIP. It's truly a testament to how much members value the association.

Lisa Mason

Lisa Mason, Intelligence Foundry Chair, Ad Hoc Strategic Marketing Committee As a new AIIP member, Lisa jumped right in and agreed to chair one of our newest, and most pivotal committees—the Ad Hoc Strategic Marketing Committee. Because of her and her committee’s effort in pulling together a large amount of vital information, our association will be able to move forward strategically in a competitive economic market. —Andrea Carrero, Director of Marketing/Web Lisa says: am honored to be part of such a wonderful organization whose warmth and support is so evident.

Mary Ellen Bates

Mary Ellen Bates, Bates Information Services Chair, Webinar Committee Mary Ellen has developed the AIIP Webinar Program into a very valuable member benefit and forum that brings AIIP recognition as an information industry leader within the information community at large. The webinars are SO good that non-members are trying to sign up for them! (Currently, our webinars are available to members only.) Way to go, MEB! —Marjorie Desgrosselliers, Director, Member Benefits Mary Ellen says: I’m very honored to have been nominated for the Volunteer Spotlight. I’ve really enjoyed developing the webinar program, and I’m grateful that I can give back to the association that has been so critical to my success.

Debbie Hartzman

Debbie Hartzman, Hartzman Information Services Chair, First-Year Members Committee I salute Debbie for her loyalty, flexibility, and understanding through rapid evolution in a newly formed committee. Coordinating efforts and refining procedures to define the "First Year Welcome" work in practice, she persisted through the challenges and "pulled it off." Thank you Debbie for your support! —Ulla de Stricker, Director, Membership Development Debbie says: This has been quite an introduction to AIIP—fortunately I've had a very loyal and inspiring board member to help me through this assignment. Volunteering is an excellent way to jump start your knowledge of an organization, and I’m looking forward to meeting people in person at the next AIIP Meeting!

Jocelyn Sheppard

Jocelyn Sheppard, Red House Consulting Chair, 2009 and 2010 Conference Committees Jocelyn has one of the toughest volunteer positions in AIIP, since the Annual Conference is our biggest event of the year. The 2009 conference was a big success, and the 2010 conference planning is running smoothly—thanks to Jocelyn and her conference planning team. —Marcy Phelps, AIIP President Jocelyn says: Conference planning is an opportunity to work with a great group of people, and to give something back to an organization that has helped me sustain and grow my business.

Linda Rink

Linda Rink, Rink Consulting Chair, Industry Relations Committee Linda goes above and beyond in whatever she puts her hand to. She does it quickly and efficiently, and is a source of excellent input when asked. She's an astute businesswoman and she's negotiated some great new vendor deals for AIIP. It's been my great pleasure to work with her. —Marjorie Desgrosselliers, Director, Member Benefits Linda says: AIIP, through its many benefits and resources, has truly enabled me to run my own consulting business. Volunteering is my way of giving back, but I also benefit—from continued learning about vendors and from working more closely with AIIP Board members and other volunteers.

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