AIIP 2024 Symposium

Magnolia Hotel St. Louis
421 North 8th Street
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

April 18–21, 2024

Graphic showing registration is open for AIIP 2024 Symposium: Learn & Grow, April 18-21, 2024 in St. Louis. There is the St. Louis Arch and flowering trees in the background.

At AIIP's 2024 Symposium, independent information professionals
will reconnect with colleagues, meet new friends, and expand our professional knowledge.


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AIIP's 2024 Symposium will offer both in-person and virtual options:

The in-person AIIP 2024 Symposium will run from Thursday, April 18 through Sunday, April 21, 2024, in historic St. Louis, Missouri, USA, with speakers, information exchange, and networking.

The virtual AIIP 2024 Symposium experience will include livestreams of selected content, on-demand presentations, and virtual networking. 
Our engaging agenda covers:
  • Key strategies for developing your information business
  • Tools of the trade
  • Professional development
  • Personal enrichment

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knowledge exchange


virtual engagement




2024 Symposium Planning committee

Contact us at

Elizabeth McLean, Symposium Chair


Elizabeth Hutchinson and Heather Carine, co-chairs
Troy Wason


Roger Magnus, chair
Janel Kinlaw

Local Arrangements

Susan Baerwald, chair

Communications & Tech

Margaret Harrison, chair
June Boyle
Connie Clem
Chris Cochran
Janel Kinlaw

I've gotten value from all the sessions and have met people who "get" what I do.

Presentations were excellent. A nice variety of topics and speakers.

I go for the shot-in-the-arm of catching up with colleagues and making new connections.

It is literally my favorite conference of all time.

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