AIIP 2021 Annual Conference Highlights

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Guest Speakers

Emily Binder

Chief Strategist, Beetle Moment Marketing

2021 Roger Summit Award Lecture
Voice:  The Next Marketing Channel

William R. Emmons

Economist and Assistant Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Making Sense of Economic and Financial Data

Micki Vandeloo

President, Lakeview Consulting, Inc.

Turning Adversity into Action

Member Speakers

SPECIALIST SPOTLIGHT: Taking Communication & Collaboration to the Next Level with Your Clients
Christine Geluk, Librarian At Your Service LLC
Into the Unknown: Consulting in the Next Normal
Richard P. Hulser, Richard P. Hulser Consulting
Information is Cheap; Knowledge is Priceless
Deb Hunt, Information Edge
Jennifer Pflaumer, Paroo
Cindy Shamel, Shamel Information Services
Ulla de Stricker, deStricker Associates
SPECIALIST SPOTLIGHT: Challenges of Working with Historical Datasets: A Tropical Forest Quest
Sheila Ward, ProposalPR
Finding Infopreneurial Bliss: Attracting Clients You Love and Letting Go of Clients You Don't
Mary Ellen Bates, Principal, Bates Information Services
Small Fish in a Big Pond - How Independents Navigate the Information Industry Without Large Budgets
Kelly Berry, ResourceAbility, LLC
SPECIALIST SPOTLIGHT: The Private Investigator Roundtable
Edward Ajaeb, Nighthawk Strategies
Tim Hardiman, Viceroy Investigations & Consulting LLC
Lisa Ribacoff, International Investigative Group
Information Security: A Day in the Life of an Info Pro
Rachel Yang, Rachel Yang Consulting
CREAVELOP I and II: Nine Dishes for Your Communication Buffet
Rhonda L. Bowen, Bells
SPECIALIST SPOTLIGHT: Fostering a Culture of Creative Thinking in Client Relationships
Erlin Kakkanad, Engineer Creative Thinking
Recognizing and Responding to Isolation’s Effects:  Stories from the Trenches
A participant dialogue
Making the Most of Change
Beth Plutchak, Beth Plutchak Consulting LLC

Special Sessions

First-Timers Welcome and Orientation:  Getting the Most out of the Conference

Preconference Warm Up Session - Hi, I’m {____________}:  The What, Why, and How of Memorable Introductions, Parts 1 & 2. Mary Ellen Bates, Bates Information Services, and Jennifer E. Burke, IntelliCraft Research

Opening Session and Awards

Sendoff:  Cementing the Takeaways


Arthur Weiss, AWARE - Financial Analysis for Non-Finance Info Pros

Mary Ellen Bates, Bates Information Services - Making Yourself Irreplaceable:  The Power and Magic of the Reality-Check Conversation

Jennifer Burke, IntelliCraft Research - Mighty Content Creation for Solopreneurs


AIIP announced the recipients of several annual awards during the conference.

Roger Summit Lecture Award — Emily Binder
Marilyn M. Levine AIIP President's Award — Jan Sykes
Sue Rugge Memorial Award for mentoring — Margaret King

Community Give-Back

AIIP members made contributions to Forward Through Ferguson.

Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors


  • Information Today, Inc.

Bronze Sponsors

  • Michele Bate – Archer Van den Broeck
  • Ulla deStricker – deStricker Associates
  • Cindy Shamel – Shamel Information Services
  • Zakia Ringgold – Virtual Experience Design Agency

Warm-up Session

  • Janel Kinlaw – Refining Workflow – lead sponsor
  • June Boyle – CeRCo Research – contributing sponsor
  • Jan Sykes – Information Management Services – contributing sponsor

Program Sponsors

  • Mary Ellen Bates – Bates Information Services
  • Marcy Phelps – Marcy Phelps & Associates
  • Christian Gibbons – National Center for Economic Gardening
  • Steven Swartz – Simply Analytics
  • Team Canada
    • Kirsten Smith – Digital Smith
    • Celine Belanger – Cogniges
    • Daniel Foscarini – Toscin Data
    • Isabella Roy – Eudaimonium
    • Hashem Elassad
    • Lisette Lacroix
    • Phyllis Smith – ITK Vector
    • Karla Thomson – True North Research
    • Troy Wason – Axxess Point

Contributing Sponsors

  • Heather Carine – Carine Associates
  • Karen Klein – Fulcrum Information Resources
  • Jennifer Pflaumer – Paroo
  • Judith Binder – RBSC
  • Joann Wleklinski – Wleklinski Information Services

updated 10/15/2021

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